About time I blogged some personal photos! We recently spent some time in the mountains with family, and it was so fun watching Hudson hang out with his Aunts/Uncles/Great Grandparents!

And these below are of the three of us by the lovely Amber Snow!

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Colorado | My Family in the Mountains

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  1. Christina Sweeting says:

    oh wow Kristin! The daisies – unbelievable. Only you could capture that natural beauty that makes this common flower the happiest of creation’s worshippers!
    And then the pictures of Jon and Jules….absolutely fabulous. You are the best. And then Happy Hudson in his carseat. Fantastic. And then, Amber’s wonderful exhibit of a trio of love/appreciation/happiness. And then…..
    These bring joy to our hearts!

  2. Anna says:

    Your little one is the cutest! What a sweet family 🙂

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