So thankful that me and my pal Cassidy Carson got to travel around Iceland together! As two photographers in the most gorgeous country in the world, you can bet we took a TON of photos. We drove a lot, ate lots of Skyr (the best yogurt), and hiked a bunch of waterfalls. There are seriously waterfalls EVERYWHERE and we loved every second exploring this awesome country. We started our trip driving up to the West Fjords of Iceland. We didn’t really know what we were getting in to- gravel roads, lots of switchbacks, rain, and a VERY long drive. But we stayed at the prettiest horse farm I’ve ever seen, and it totally made it worth the trek. Next we went to the sleepy fishing village of Ísafjörður, which was another hidden gem. The all you can eat fish buffet in the little reclaimed barn was the best meal we had the whole week! We wished we had more time in the Northwest. We spent a night in Akureyri, which was also a gorgeous little town, and the drive north was STUNNING (see sunset photos). We had the best fish and chips in Reykjavik, but be prepared to spend $30+ on dinner anywhere in the city. South Iceland and the Golden Circle have a bunch of the tourist destinations like the Blue Lagoon, Black Sand Beach, and Skogafoss waterfall. The black sand beach was definitely one of my favorite places of the whole trip and made for a gorgeous photo shoot (pics coming soon!). We had great experiences with Airbnb and loved the little bakeries (Mosfellsbakari was a great place to catch up on email and enjoy a chocolate crossaint). Photos of me are by the beautiful Cassidy Carson Photo. Feel free to ask any questions about our trip!! 

Two photographers’ trip to Iceland | Photo Travel Guide

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  1. These shots are INCREDIBLE! The mood you created makes me want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW!! 😀

  2. wendy says:

    wow.. some of hte prettiest photos Ive ever seen of iceland.. it makes me want to go!

  3. Sandra Coan says:

    Wow!!! Stunning!!! Those sunset photos! Holy moly!!

  4. Laura fretz says:

    I’m a photographer and I’m heading to Iceland in March. I am staying just outside of reykjavik and not renting a car. I want to do some day trips but am wondering what are the best and most exciting things to photograph? What should I make a priority?

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