I love this sweet family- they used to be our neighbors, but now they live in a super cute house across town. They broke out the Christmas decorations early to get some festive pictures. Their son Jasper and I have taken pictures before and he’s been featured on this parenting blog and now he’s starting an acting career! No one can resist his red curls! I had so much fun hanging with you three. I know your holidays will be filled with lots of cheer.

untitled shoot-207

untitled shoot-210

untitled shoot-098

untitled shoot-075

untitled shoot-095

untitled shoot-251

Mandey is so stinkin’ pretty. I had to put up this picture.

untitled shoot-285

untitled shoot-307

Lots of love for this little guy.

untitled shoot-129-Edit

untitled shoot-046-Edit

Pre-Christmas Cheer | Family

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  1. Mandey Gardner says:

    These photo’s are beatuiful, Kristin. Thank You SO so much!

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