I’ve been thoroughly enjoying hanging out with some awesome 2012 seniors this fall. Molly is no exception- she was so much fun and had awesome ideas and outfits for her shoot. I had fun driving a huge truck around with a canoe on top to all our different locations.

A huge thanks to Molly’s dad and to my assistant Daniel Smith for helping with the canoe and with the shoot!

senior 2012

senior 2012

untitled shoot-023

untitled shoot-354-Edit

senior 2012

untitled shoot-341

senior 2012

senior 2012

untitled shoot-362-Edit

untitled shoot-506

Catching this picture as the truck drove by was completely by accident. I was so thrilled I did a little skip jump.

senior 2012

senior 2012

untitled shoot-699

Molly | Senior Portrait

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  1. Christina Sweeting says:

    Hey, adventure photographer. It’s an adventure coming to your website and checking out all the cool photos and video ads! Wow. I just love the ‘truck’ pic of Molly. WOW! How amazing. And the action shot in the canoe……can’t be beat!Your musical video ad is splendid. Well done. Captivating, true, enticing, creative and …well, just life giving! Thanks! How ’bout a photo shoot at Christmas time???

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