There is a sweet little addition to this sweet little family! Meet Mr. Waylon. He and his parents are so sweet, and I couldn’t wait to share the black and whites from their shoot. Congratulations again!

Waylon George-047-Edit

Waylon George-015-Edit

Waylon George-192-Edit

Waylon George-084-Edit

Waylon George-124-Edit

Waylon George-147-Edit

Waylon George-156-Edit

Waylon George-196-Edit

Waylon George-201-Edit

Waylon George-070-Edit

Waylon George-022-Edit

Waylon George-353-Edit

Waylon George-068-Edit



Little Waylon | Baby Story

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  1. Christina Sweeting says:

    The pic of dad holding son amidst the drum set is exquisite. His gaze must hold not only amazement for this new little being, but the promise he holds as well as the profound task of raising this ‘God-image bearer’ in the fear of his Creator. You capture the grand moments, Kristin, with your special gifted-ness! thank you!

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