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If you haven’t read Elizabeth and Micah’s {re}wedding story yet, read it here now before you continue. This celebration was beautiful and heart warming from beginning to end. I nearly died seeing all the beautiful decorations that Elizabeth handmade. All the little details were so thought out- like the wedding dress that was made out of lace her grandmother made, or the typewriters that were strategically placed for guests to leave little messages for the bride and groom, or the fang teeth that got brought out for the family pictures…. everything was perfect and full of personality.

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Elizabeth made these bouquets. How amazing are they?? She also made her wedding dress, all the decorations, the boutonnieres, and pretty much everything else.

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The whole family. So precious.

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9.10.11- their (re)wedding date

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Gluten free wedding cake! I haven’t eaten wedding cake in over three years… so now I actually got to try some- it was AMAZING!

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Thanks to Elizabeth and Micah for planning such a beautiful celebration. Hope you have a fabulous honeymoon!

Elizabeth and Micah {Re} Wedding | Fairview, TN

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful and stunning bouquet!, she did a wonderfull job.The pictures are great, the work done on the colours give that fresh vintage look.
    Great job.

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