Check out this sweet little guy. Jasper loves collecting rocks, jumping on trampolines, blowing bubbles and feeling the wind on his face. He also has the most fabulous red hair I’ve ever seen. Let me just say it again, I do not like studio backdrops for family portraits (or really for anything). Kids especially just were not meant to sit still in front of a backdrop with lights aimed at them. They were meant to run free and have nice natural smiles because they are genuinely having fun! My job is to catch that pure joy in a picture. Jasper and I had a lot of fun yesterday. It really was more of a play date than a photo session…. and really that’s how they all should be anyways!








Jasper | Children

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  1. Mandey Gardner says:

    These are Amazing. They show so much of my Jasper! YOu are GOOD girl!

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh my gosh, he is so adorable! Beautiful photos.

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