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Study Abroad With Me!!

Going on a Study Abroad trip was one of the best decisions I made last summer!
— Elli Jane Photography
I get SO stuck in my own head when I don’t have a community to bounce ideas off of, and this workshop was exactly what I needed to get out of my rut. Kristin has thought of everything – I was so impressed with how they handled even the little things. It was such an empowering and vulnerable week and I feel like I learned something totally eye-opening during every workshop we did!
— Rachel Fugate


JUST ANNOUNCED! JULY 12-19 2019, GREECE: Marketing + Business + Photography + Growing Your Brand emphasis. For ALL creative business owners who want to run profitable and joyful businesses. Greek Islands! Starting in Mykonos and ending in Santorini.

We’ve all hit that spot in our businesses where we get stuck. Where photography started losing some of its magic. Your work all started looking the same. Editing became a chore. Inspiration became harder and harder to find. It started feeling like everyone else’s business had some kind of secret sauce, but where is your secret sauce? You started getting stuck in patterns of the same poses and same locations and same presets. You know there’s so much more you are capable of, but you don’t know how to find that magic. You’re scared to take the risks to make life and work extraordinary. 

This is not a normal workshop. We will be drilling deep in to the core of who you are as an artist, a business owner, a pilgrim, a world citizen, a poet, an observer, a romantic, and a leader. We’ll be traveling, taking risks, asking hard questions, finding inspiration in nature, in history, and in each other, and we’ll be exploring what it looks like to really live extravagantly. We’ll explore hidden places, taste local food, chase golden light, cultivate compassion and connection with our subjects, and draw energy from our surroundings. We’ll have gorgeous shoots, we’ll discuss business and marketing, we’ll hone our craft, we’ll embrace change and growth, we’ll have class in epic locations, and we’ll have time to learn from each other. We’ll travel as a family. We’ll trade secrets. We’ll set goals. We’ll dream. 

Will you leave with beautiful images? Yes. Will you leave with new strategies? Yes. But our main goal is to leave you challenged and excited and inspired to make the next 5 years of your business and life the very best they can be! Come study abroad with us!!



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After updating my portfolio and implementing some of the changes Kristin suggested, I really began to attract many more of my “ideal clients.” This year was my most fully booked to date, and I believe Kristin’s help has played a huge part in that.
— Alyssa Joy Photo


Is this for you? 

  • Our GREECE trip is for ALL CREATIVE business owners, not just photographers!!

  • We are a couple and work together. YES! Women, men, and couples are ALL welcome on this trip!

  • I just started my photography/graphic design/wedding planning/florist business and don’t know where to go from here – yes! This trip will be helpful for all skill levels and you’ll pick up not only technical skills, but also inspiration that will help grow and carry your business for years! You’ll be gleaning from our years in the industry along with the experiences of your fellow travelers.

  • I’ve been in the business for 10 years and feel stuck and would love to redirect my business – yes! This is not a beginners workshop, although all skill levels are welcome. We’ll have separated time for the photography classes depending on skill level. If you are a pro photographer, we’ll have an advanced class and if you are just starting, we’ll show you tricks that you can use for your marketing! We’ll be tackling deep issues, learning how we need to push ourselves in our businesses and work, how to figure out what our purpose is with our businesses and art, and how to live an extraordinary life as an artist.

  • I don’t shoot film – that is totally ok! You’re welcome to shoot film or digital throughout the trip. We will have some time of instruction on shooting film, but many of the principals can be applied both to film and digital photography.


What does tuition cover? 

  • The fee covers your lodging, your breakfasts and lunches (dinners are on your own) your in-country travel, our business/mentoring handbook, admission in to any tourist destinations/museums we go to as a group, and expenses for the shoots/learning experiences we do together.

  • Airfare is NOT included

How do I sign up? 

  • Email me! Reserve your spot with a $1500 deposit, and then we can set you up with monthly payments until we go! kristinsweeting@me.com

After (study abroad/coaching) there were immediate positive results and getting our bookings back in I have always felt comfortable with photography and the work involved in shooting weddings and sessions, but I have known for a long time that if I want to call myself a professional photographer I needed to get comfortable with the business side of things. Kristin helped me clear my head and prioritize the finer points of business as a photographer, and I instantly saw the improvement. My online presence is more cohesive, I am booking dream weddings and getting paid what I think I’m worth. A real bonus is the network of other photographers that Kristin coached that I have been able to connect with. I can float difficult questions to the group and everyone has their own experiences to offer, which helps me make my own informed decisions. Kristin’s coaching made this job feel a little less lonely and has certainly empowered me as a small business owner and I would highly recommend investing in yourself
— Jen Creed



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