What to wear to your family photoshoot!

Although I definitely don’t think that Pinterest should be the ideal that you compare yourselves to, I do know everyone feels a bit of tension when it comes to dressing their family for their family portrait session! 

Here’s a couple of tips for dressing your family as you get ready for your annual portrait shoot!

  1. Don’t all wear the same color- I know it’s tempting, but we’re going for family-chic here, not awkward-family-photo. Go for coordination as a hipper alternative to matching. 
  2. Consider the season- Keep in mind the colors of your surroundings. If you’re having pictures done outside on a fall day, you’ll want to steer away from orange or something that will make you blend in to your surroundings (and not in a good way). Here are some suggestions based on the season: 
    1. Fall- plums, burgundy, dark greens, denim, mixed neutrals
    2. Winter- light neutrals, dark denim, tweed, pops of red or gold
    3. Spring- pastels, linen, light neutrals, blues
    4. Summer- brighter colors, light denim, pinks, blues, khaki
  3. Pick one person’s outfit with multiple colors on it, and use that as a base for planning everyone else’s outfit. Say that mom’s dress has 4 colors in it, use that palette to pull pieces for the rest of the family or pair it with complementary neutrals. 

Can’t wait to see you rocking your Christmas Cards this year!

How to Look Better Than Pinterest | Family Styling Guide

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