Hey Bride/Groom/friend in the middle of wedding planning. I know- it can be a lot. Lots of little details and choices to make and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. But it’s ok! Slowly but surely, you will check things off your list, you will pick out table settings, you will get your invites sent off, and your wedding will be here before you know it! As someone who has walked through 100 or so weddings with couples, here’s just a little advice while you’re waiting for your big day. 

1- Prioritize. You are only two people and you have a lot going on! Pick the top three things that you care about for your wedding and make sure you’re present for those meetings/decisions. Hire a wedding planner you trust and let them take care of the other details! 

2- Don’t try to make all your decisions at once. There are a few key things to have in place first: date, venue, planner, photographer… but after that, give yourself a little break! Don’t feel like you have to have every detail planned within a week of getting engaged! 

3- Go on a date and don’t talk about the wedding! The best part about your wedding is that after it’s over, you’re married! A wedding is a great project to work on together, but also look at this time as a way to grow closer and to talk about your dreams for your future life together! 


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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Planning Easier! | For Engaged Couples

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