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Nicole was so much fun to work with. We met up in Hillsboro Village and took pictures in the park and around town. Half way through her shoot, it started raining and got dark and cold really fast. She was a great sport and we ducked in and out of shops getting fun pictures. I loved how the rainy pictures turned out- proof that you don’t need perfect weather to get awesome pictures!

Thanks for being a great sport Nicole- you are so much fun!

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untitled shoot-537-Edit

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untitled shoot-560

untitled shoot-544

untitled shoot-464

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untitled shoot-397

untitled shoot-372

untitled shoot-363

untitled shoot-355

untitled shoot-344-Edit

untitled shoot-239-Edit

untitled shoot-229

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Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 10.24.11 AM

untitled shoot-119

untitled shoot-032

And to top off the evening, some yummy hot cocoa at Fido. Perfection!

untitled shoot-621

untitled shoot-631-Edit

Rain Dancing | Senior Portrait

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