I’ve recently been doing a lot of thinking about photography and life… and chocolate. *Chocolate is usually floating around in my brain somewhere.* In a world where most everyone has an iphone, constant connection to the internet, and a lifestyle that goes a mile a minute, what is the relevance of professional photography for the every day person? A portrait session should be about much more than getting a good picture where everyone is looking the same direction and smiling. You could get that with a tripod and an iphone camera.

Instead of paying big bucks to sit in a studio, think about this: plan a fun date with your family, your spouse, your pet, or yourself.  Go out to coffee, play football in the park, make pancakes in your PJs, go to a corn maze, ride your bikes, have a picnic, play a board game, go to the beach, or go hiking… and invite your photographer to come along with you!  Not only will you make beautiful memories with the ones you love, but you will have beautiful pictures to help preserve those memories forever.  So while you’re thinking about your Christmas card, think about what your family loves. Think about what you love. Think about childhood memories… and let’s incorporate that in to your session!

Life is an adventure… your pictures should be too.

(music by James Sweeting- used with permission)

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 7.33.26 AM


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Life, Adventure, and Chocolate

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