Need a re-vamp on your bedroom set? Does your bed skirt match your drapes which matches your shower curtain? Headboards are an easy way to update things.


Instructions for a Recover:
1. Remove the fabric on the back. That should reveal the staples that are holding the front fabric on. Remove the staples, the old fabric and piping. On this particular headboard, the piping had been glued on. Take note of how the headboard was originally put together so that you can copy it with your new fabric.
2. Wash and iron the new fabric. Stretch the new fabric around the headboard. (If the stuffing looks ratty, cover it with a new piece of batting). Begin stapling the fabric to the back. Make sure it is stretched VERY tight.
3. If there is piping, wrap the old piping with the new fabric and secure with hot glue. The use hot glue or super glue to attach it to the headboard, making sure to cover up staples and seams.

Construct a headboard from scratch:
1. Buy a large piece of plywood (to fit the width of your bed) and 2 longer narrow pieces for legs.
2. Trace out a shape for the top of the headboard. Here are some ideas:
ATDraperHeadboard 116d
3. Use a jigsaw to cut along the design you’ve drawn.
4. Wrap the plywood in 4-8 layers of extra thick batting. Staple it to the back.
5. Cover the batting with your fabric and staple on tightly.
6. Attach the wooden legs to either side of the back of your headboard. You can paint it or wrap it in fabric as well if you think it will show.
7. Put floor protectors on the bottom of your headboard so it won’t scratch up the floor.
8. Attach piping if your design calls for it.
9. Cover the back with felt and staple it to secure it.

Now give yourself a hug cuz you’re awesome.

Headboard Reupholstery | DIY

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